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Songkran Festival Empty Songkran Festival

on Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:25 pm
The Songkran festival is New Year's Day of Thailand. There are many foreigner and Thai people travel in place of Thailand. It is from 13-15 April. On the day the most people will have Rot Nam Dam Hua with elder and most Thai people go back hometown to meet their elder. Rot Nam Dam Hua is for show the respect to adults and to show gratfulness and younger will gently scented water overs the hands of elders. In Songkran day will have activities such as People go to make merit by bringing food to the monks, Rot Nam Dam Hua of adult, and water splashing. The most Thai people water splashing will help revelers to beat the summer heat because Songkran day be in the summer and They takes place all day for relaxing and entertaining. People also eat general food. Most of them wear a floral clothes. The most people like songkran day because It's long holidays. There is leisure time and be with my family.
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