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My favorite IDol Empty My favorite IDol

on Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:46 pm
There are three reasons why Warren Buffett is the one who I
admire. First, He is a brilliant investor who is considered to be the master
of investment. He also is the richest man in the world by holding and
being an owner of multiple companies, so his biography inspires and
teaches a lot of people. Next, Buffett is not the richest one who earns a lot
of money, but he also gives back to society. He is the most influential
philanthropist. He declares to give half of his fortune to charities. Finally,
His attitude is always guiding me to give back what I have, to know what I
am doing, how to be successful in something and what the main point of
life is. In conclusion Buffett is a rich man who is successful by his ability
and never forgets to give back to others. His story really inspires me, so
that is why I admire him.
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