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Supawit Udomsap
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English skill that I need to fix Empty English skill that I need to fix

Wed Mar 04, 2020 11:41 pm
The skill of English that I need to fix have many things. First, knowing grammar incorrectly; I didn’t read lots of grammar books that is why I knew few rules of grammar. So, I am going to read grammar more. The next one is wrong pronunciation and articulation; Both of them is very hard to me. I failed to speak many words because I just practice a year. So, I must practice more for pronouncing correctly. The last thing that I need to fix is knowing few vocabularies; Usually, when I read or listened English words, I didn’t quite understand those words. Therefor I must memorize lots of vocabularies and rehearse. In summary, I lack in English skill like knowing grammar incorrectly, wrong pronunciation and articulation and knowing few vocabularies which I must fix this problem for my teaching in the future.
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