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How do you feel when you see the beggar? Empty How do you feel when you see the beggar?

on Sun Jan 12, 2020 6:49 pm
In Thailand when you go to markets or tourist attractions, besides you usually see beggars, how do you feel? When I saw them, I feel pity and always gave them money, yet I do not have much money. Especially if they play some of musical instruments or sing songs then my heart be impressionable and give them money unconsciously. Some people may think they get money easily, I used to think similarly but then I think maybe they have no other way to do for their lives. If they dare to beg honestly for money, specifically with their talents, is not bad also is better than the thief . Many beggars are disabled, so they cannot get any job, I think. However, someone is fake that is so dangerous. You should be careful when give something to stranger and think carefully. Do not trust anyone easily. Whatever you feel to the beggar, nevertheless you should think to give them too. Very Happy
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