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The place that makes me feel relax  Empty The place that makes me feel relax

on Sun Mar 08, 2020 10:40 pm
When my brain is spaced out, I usually go to Afternoon café to clear my head. Every time I go to this café , it is always peaceful and quiet. For this reason,It makes my brain works actively good ,so I can think of creatively things in my head. I like to walk around the café’s garden because there are many beautiful western flowers and plants that I like. When I walk around, my brain is clearer and I feel happier. There are delicious desserts and beverages that when I eat or drink, I feel less stress such as cocoa, smoothies ,coffee ,and chocolate. I always order iced cocoa because I feel like It helps my brain brighter and fresh. Inside the café always turns on my favorite songs, It makes me feel relax and comfy. Coming to this place helps my brain working much better every time and it also helps me not to be serious or stressful as much as ever.
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