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T. New Experience from Mahasarakam to Udonthani Empty T. New Experience from Mahasarakam to Udonthani

Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:17 pm
On Friday 27th December, 2019, I had new experience about going back to my hometown in Udonthani. Nomally, I go home by Sa-NguanChai's bus. Unfortunately, that day the bus was full. At that moment, I did not know how to do but I tried to find a bus or van that would go to Udonthani. I did not find any buses or vans but I found the bus that could go to KhonKean. I told to myself that it was ok if I could go to KhonKean and find the new bus that could take me to Udon.
Finally, I went to KhonKean and I could find the bus to Udonthani. I thought I was so lucky that I could go back to Udonthani.
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