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Being in academic term and being in vacation period Empty Being in academic term and being in vacation period

on Sun Apr 12, 2020 6:12 pm
My physical performance in academic term and my physical performance in the vacation period are very different. In academic term, when there were many assignments I could not stand late even if my assignments did not be finished. Actually, 9 pm I began sleepy. By contrast, in the vacation period, my eyes can open until 3 am. That’ was I was amazed. In my opinion, in academic term, we had many things to do and we had many places to go that burned a lot of energy. So, in the evening, we were exhausted and were sleepy early. Despite the vacation period, I always stay at home that my body burns a little energy that makes me can stand until 3 am. I really want to switch my body to between academic term and vacation period for doing every assignment completely. Laughing Laughing
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