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Not easy to find a stray kitty  Empty Not easy to find a stray kitty

on Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:28 pm
I went around the town all day on 24th,March to find a stray cat to be my new family member. My friend, Prim, helped me searching for a kitten even it was a hot day. We started at the animal rescue center. What we saw that there was a lot of dogs in the center, in the other hand, there were only a few cats there.There was a sick kitten that still needed her mom, so the caretaker didn’t want to give a cat for us. Prim told me that her grandma heard that there were new stray kitten at the temple in the village, so we looked forward to come and took a kitten. I had spent a long time to find the cats because the temple was so wide and big, but finally we saw two kittens. I took one of them, and named her Mi-chan. Another kitten was taken by Prim’s friend. It was a tired day for me, but at the end I was so happy to have Mi chan as a new family member.
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