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Fan VS Air Conditioner Empty Fan VS Air Conditioner

on Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:43 pm
Air conditioners basically use refrigeration to lower the temperature through a process known as ‘Phase Conversion’ which means that the liquid absorbs heat when it converts to gas. This is how it gives out cold air as per the set temperature. Fans on the other hand, do not decrease the temperature of the room. They just add velocity to the air and helps in blowing away the hot air already present in the room. When it’s literally burning outside, fans fail to do what an air conditioner can. But we all know that an air conditioner not only uses up a lot of energy but also costs us a huge chunk of money. Some of us are pretty blessed with wealth to afford living in an air conditioned house and some of us aren’t, yet. But it’s not all about the money in today’s generation where the priority should be energy conservation. Fans do save us more money than what air conditioners can and the best way to save more energy and money.
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