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It's defferent between eating at home and eating out Empty It's defferent between eating at home and eating out

on Tue Mar 31, 2020 10:26 pm
Some people like to eat in restaurants, others like to eat at home because of many different things. First, food allergies are a huge deal. If a cook prepares food in the same pan as food you are sensitive to, you can suffer a slew of health issues. Even death. While many restaurants are good with accommodating allergies, those with sensitive food issues may be too at risk to hope the chefs accommodate their needs. Cooking at home eliminates any of the issues associated with that. You can manage how much you eat by design. You don't have to eat portions according to someone else's standards. When you cook at home, you control what you put into your food. There is that old adage that "You are what you eat," but, for many people, your food is what you put into it. When you get food from a restaurant, you have no idea what sort of junk they put into it. How much oil is in there? How much sugar? How much heavy cream? Whereas you're cooking at home, you have options. You can avoid high amounts of butter. You can avoid drowning your potatoes in oil. You can make healthy food that is also appetizing. It depends on you to decide which one you prefer the most.
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