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Toys & Dolls Empty Toys & Dolls

on Tue Mar 31, 2020 7:54 pm
I have collected toys and dolls since I was young. I love doing that. When I see them at the mall, I feel like I would like to bring them to my home. They fascinate me even though I am not a child. They are so cute and fluffy. If I go shopping with my family, I will request my dad to buy them for me. Furthermore, I often persuade him. If he becomes soft-hearted, he will buy them for me. On the other hand, my mom will complain about it. Never mind! Wink I remember that my mom used to bring two king-sized bed sheets to make them like a bag in order to keep my dolls and my toys. I had a lot of them, so she told me that she would like to contribute them. At that time, I refused because they were mine. I couldn’t get over them. At last, I got over it and kept some of them. Now, I miss them because they are the apples of my eyes. I don’t think that I have continued to collect them and new ones. I will have a lot of them again. Very Happy
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