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My special people who I love Empty My special people who I love

on Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:43 am
I have a lot of friends, and all of them who I love the most. First, Jenni , she is a confident person. She can sing and dance very well. Second, Bom, I call him as my father because I feel comfortable and happy when I am with him. Third, Atom, he is the cutiest person as I has ever known. Forth, Aif, I call her Mulan because is look like Mulan so much. Fifth, Capsule, she is a diligent woman because she does homework after class everyday. Sixth, Leonita, she is a smart woman. She can earn money since she was 20 years old. The last person is Plai, She is so beautiful. She is very good at Mathematics even she study in English major. She is also good at playing sport, too. These are guys who I always think of them when we are far away. They are guys who I love the most. They are not only my friend, but they are my family.
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