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Myth : Puppeteer who manipulates human   Empty Myth : Puppeteer who manipulates human

on Sat Feb 29, 2020 8:07 pm
We are all have ever read or head the stories about something unreal at least before bed times. What did you think about them? What were the main purposes of them? The stories that cannot be proven by any science are generally called “myth” Myth is the story that was created to accumulate our imagination at first. The evidences that show us that myth was appeared for a long times are the lion man - shaped dolls called “Stadel” in Germany. Clearly, our ancestors, Homo Sapiens, had created myth to do something. Myth can be also used as an explanation of phenomena, laws and orders, norms, or the concept of arts. Although myth seems irrational and unrealistic, it contains histories, truths, and even thoughts of our forefathers . Myth is more complex than we can imagine.
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