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My hometown. DEWWED031 Empty My hometown. DEWWED031

on Wed Feb 05, 2020 7:58 pm
My hometown 
     I come from a small hometown called Roi-et but it has many good places to visit. First of all, it is very green and has a famous park called Bung plan chai. It is convenient to go by car because my hometown has a very small population, so it doesn’t have traffic jams, if you want to go by airplane in my hometown has a small airport. Next, Roi-et also has many beautiful temples where many Buddhist like to go to make a merit. Lastly, you are food connoisseurs, my hometown has a lot of delicious food such as papaya salad, Hom Mali rice, and minced meat. Thus, if you want to gain more good experiences, you must visit Roi-et where it is a good destination.
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