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The first day when I moved into the dormitory Empty The first day when I moved into the dormitory

on Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:03 pm
When I moved into the dormitory on the first day. There was one thing that made me remember and never forgot that day. The first day I moved into the dormitory, My roommate has not come yet , so I have to be in the room alone. I packed and arranged the room all day. It was almost 10pm before I finished arranging things and going to bed. I was tired all day and I wanted to rest a lot, but that night I heard the sound of dragging a table or dragging a chair from upstairs. Causing me to not sleep well. I woke up late at night and watched the time on the phone. It's 2 am but the sound didn't disappear. I wake up again at 4 am and the sound is still loud, so I began to wonder why the people on the upper floor had not finished packing. The next morning, I told this story to the housekeeper but she told me that no one was on the upper floor at all.
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