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Wonderful House Empty Wonderful House

on Sun Jan 26, 2020 1:29 pm

My house is so wonderful. Firstly there is a beautiful diamond bed inside my room, it can make you fall asleep so easily just in a second that you put down your head on the pillow. It is made from golden geese feather. Secondly there is a huge silver magic mirror on the wall, It can make you see through the past, present and the future. You just ask it what you want to see.
Thirdly a Fantasy Garden,has Crystal flowers , A Golden fountain and Ruby grasses.The Crystal flower will turn follow your way when you pass them.The Golden fountain springs out gold water.The Ruby grasses always so shine in the sunlight but in the night they will sing beautifully. The Wonderful house surrounded by a beautiful diamond bed , silver magic mirror and fantasy garden. That makes lot of people want to visit it.
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