Paragraph Writing
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Where your thought flows Empty Where your thought flows

on Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:19 pm
Everyone might have a confusing time to think or create new ideas. When your thought does not seem to flow; Where do you usually go? Every time I want to have a train of thought. I usually go to the place named "Legendary Green Townhouse" where I together with my friends from various faculties like assembling. The Legendary Green apartment is a one-story townhouse painted green, consisting of about ten rooms there. Once we go there, we usually cook for dinner, enjoy our meal, and watch the movie during dinner. After that, we either play a board game or choose any topic to discuss. Playing a board game can make me enjoyable and relieved; on the other hand, discussion sometimes may make me stressed out due to disagreement; I still love this activity because it is as we are exchanging our knowledge so that I can have further knowledge to develop myself. Every time your thought stucks, try going to where you can create ideas well. Do not let anything prevent you from thinking, break those obstacles!
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