Paragraph Writing
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What are the appropriate ways to teach e...r? Empty What are the appropriate ways to teach e...r?

on Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:53 pm
It’s been 3 weeks since we joined this course. I have no idea what midterm or final exam would be. Every week we are asked about the same things. We all try to answer those questions but it’s not enough. We’ve been asking continuously. We answer every single things that we know but the questions still have been asked I don’t know why. I’m curious to know, if there’re the curtain answers or not. I think those are the problems. Maybe, the course is designed to be taught like this but I’m not consent with it at all. At least, we should get the new knowledge from this course but it’s still the same. I don’t know I should fix myself or you should. Actually, it’s just my opinion.
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