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A little village Empty A little village

on Fri Jan 10, 2020 2:33 pm
My hometown is not quite big, but there are many good things there. Morning and evening small market is the first good thing I have to mention. It located in front of the temple. Every day many sellers gather there and sell their stuff. You can afford your dinner just twenty bahts, but if you do not want to to the market: There still are many shops every corner. Although in the day time many people spend their time outside, at night it is the different one. Many people go inside their house in the early evening. Almost every household sleeps early and gets up early too, so it is quiet but peaceful in the night. If you somewhere outside the house, you will feel the chilly wind blow your skin gently; what is more, the stars are so bright that you can see them clearly or even hear everything well. Although my hometown is little and uncivilized, I still love it because of its benefit and uniqueness.
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