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 New Year holiday Empty New Year holiday

on Sat Jan 04, 2020 6:46 pm
Many people might have a party with friends or couples on New Year Day. Someone might spend their time with their family. Someone might go to the temple or church to pray. Someone just burnt candles at both ends and many activities to do. Every year I went to the temple to join praying with other people, but last year was different. That day I just lied in bed and read a book looking forward to praying at 11.00 p.m. I wanted to go nowhere but staying at my home that is always my safe zone. When the time came, I kept my book away and begun to pray. I spent an hour praying with sleepiness, but I was sure that I paid most of my attention to pray. I have rarely preyed since I became a freshman so far, so I felt both happy and a little bit weird. After praying, I had a chance to talk to myself about last year(2019). There were many things I did mistakes. I forgave myself and forgot about it. I was determined to begin my life again especially losing weight, and I hope that every year from then on: I would do my best more in order that every new year I could talk to myself proudly.
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