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Contact lenses versus Eyeglasses Empty Contact lenses versus Eyeglasses

Fri Dec 27, 2019 11:50 pm
I am nearsighted and astigmatic. I have worn eyeglasses for three years. I’m getting bored with them and I want to wear contact lenses instead. I went to an optical shop the other day to buy contact lenses. The optician suggested that I should have an eye test before. After that, I was surprised by the result. My eyesight is getting worse. That is bad ! It began to dawn on me that I should wear eyeglasses as usual. Moreover, the optician recommended wearing eyeglasses. Nevertheless, I still bought a pair of contact lenses. I haven’t worn them yet and I’ve planned to buy new eyeglasses the day after tomorrow. I am undecided about what I should do. bounce
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