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T. Psychology and My Heart Empty T. Psychology and My Heart

Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:29 pm
I try to explain my hurt by using Psychology. I have learned about classical conditioning theory from Psychology class with Ajarn Ar. Classical conditioning theory explains about dog food, a bell, a dog, and salivation. When dog sees dog food, it will salivate. Then Pavlove ring bell and give dog food for making condition. The dog will salivate after it hears the bell. Compare with my hurt. Every time I meet my exboyfriend or everything about him, I will feel hurt and sad. This can explain by Pavlove's theory. My exboyfriend is unconditioned stimulus, my feeling hurt and sad is unconditioned response and everything about him such as his photos, his car or his instragram story are neutral stimulus. That means anytime I meet him or I see anything about him, I can get hurt and feel upset.
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