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The Person I Admire The Most Empty The Person I Admire The Most

on Tue Mar 31, 2020 9:16 pm
There are many people that I admire but there is only one person that I admire the most who is my mother. My mother name is Rujira Chuechot. She is 55 years old now. Even she is aged now but she seems to be young in my mind. She is very friendly and caring. There are many reasons that make me admire her the most. First of all, she has always been my super mom who can do everything for me and others. She never told me that she is tired or lazy. Second, she has taught me to be a good and effective person in the society. She always tells me to do and not to do something in order to make me be a good girl. Third, she is always beside my side. I mean, she never left me or made me feel empty. She often says that she loves me and will never leave me even no one loves me. Lastly, she is always the first person who listen to all my problems and give me some useful advice. She has helped me to overcome every problem which comes into my life and I am sure that she will never leave me. Finally, I am very grateful to have her as my mother and I am proud to say that the person I love the most is my mother.

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