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City & Village Life Empty City & Village Life

on Tue Mar 31, 2020 8:58 am
There are great differences in the lifestyle among people living in villages and cities. First, the amusement place. The cities provide many opportunities for amusement. In every city, there are a number of cinemas, where we can enjoy with family. Also, a number of restaurants and hotels are available for better food. There are also many parks and gardens where we can enjoy the best natural beauty. By contrast, the villages have a few opportunities for amusement. People can go to the field for recreation. Next, the transportation. The cities have a lot of transportations: airplanes, buses, trains, taxis, and others. For one hand, the villages have a few transportation. Animals are commonly used for transportation in villages and tractors are used for irrigating the fields. According to the previous, the cities and villages life has characteristic that are different.
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