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The Differences Between Cocoa and Chocolate Empty The Differences Between Cocoa and Chocolate

Sat Mar 28, 2020 10:00 am
Cocoa and chocolate are kind of the same thing but they are also very different. To make you don’t confuse, I want to share you to discover the truth about their differences. Only the same thing is cocoa and chocolate are two products derived from cacao beans after the beans have been processed. Cacao beans are fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground. However, there are 4 features that make they are different. First of all, the main difference between cocoa and chocolate is the absence or presence of cocoa butter. In cocoa, cocoa butter is little to non-existent. In contrast, chocolate contains cocoa butter. Second, cocoa butter affects the nutritional value of both cocoa and chocolate. Since there is little to no cocoa butter in cocoa, it is considered as a healthy drink due to its lower sugar and fat content. Cocoa is also full of antioxidants. Meanwhile, chocolate, which contains cocoa butter, has a higher fat and sugar content. It also contains a smaller number of antioxidants compared to cocoa. Third, cocoa is often seen and used in powder form. It is often dark and bitter to taste, which leads to its classification either as Dutched (a process that makes the powder lighter and less bitter) or natural. On the other hand, chocolate has many forms: powder, liquid, small balls, bars, etc. In addition, chocolate has many classifications – unsweetened, dark, white, milk, sweet, semi-sweet, compound, and raw. The last one is colors. Cocoa is described as a color between moderate to reddish brown, while chocolate is a color between medium to dark brown. These are the differences between cocoa and chocolate that will make you don’t confuse about their anymore.
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