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T. Lost-where I go Empty T. Lost-where I go

on Fri Feb 28, 2020 12:28 am
I join many activities that I can so that I want to reduce my loneliness. Every activity makes me happy because I meet many people. Those people are full of positive energy when I work with them I feel happy, too. However, this time I join one activity of my faculty, it is pep rally reheasal or Stand Cheer that other people call it, I do this activity but I do not feel happy like I did in the past. Maybe I want something from this activity but I do not get it. Hhhhhh. I am unhappy, not because I am tired, I sleep late every night or I must do my assignment in every morning, but the reason is I try to use the activity to delete my pain, hurt, and suffer. I expect too much when it does not be like that, so I feel empty and this empty make me unhappy. I know that the best way to solve this problem is I have to love myself first. It is enough for doing activity. It is time for taking care of myself. Loneliness is a feeling when you are alone, meeting friends is one way to reduce it but the best way to reduce loneliness that you have to know who you are, what you want and what make you happy, that is the way to love youself.
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