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Boon Pha Wet Empty Boon Pha Wet

on Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:01 pm
There are many festivals in Thailand. Each region has their own festival. The northeast of Thailand has many festivals; basically, there are many unique festivals for every province. In Roi-Et, the famous festival is Boon Pha Wet. Boon Pha Wet starts in February or March and different date depending on the leader of that community. The first thing that people do on the Boon Pha Wet festival is bringing food and dessert that have been made to go to the temple to make a merit. After that, people usually wait for getting blessed by monks and listening to the sermons. In the afternoon, people begin to visit their cousins in the village or other village. If any family has the elder, other people will come to their house instead. They often spend their time having a meal together; the popular dishes are Somtam, rice noodles with curry, and spicy minced pork with sticky rice. When the sunset, people go to the temple again, but they do not go to make a merit. However, they go to watch E-Sarn folk Olay in the night. This festival is so meaningful to the Roi-Et people because this is the time when family members assemble and spend their times together. The other activity that they do is making food for free. Do not be worried that you will have no food to eat, you will never hungry in this festival. Very Happy
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