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Wabi-Sabi: Beuty of Imperfection Empty Wabi-Sabi: Beuty of Imperfection

on Fri Feb 07, 2020 9:35 am
What did you do with the old unwanted things? Did you throw them away or sell them for the old-thing purchaser? In Japan, there is a concept known as Wabi-Sabi to deal with unwanted or incomplete things. The components of Wabi-Sabi are imperfection, impermanence, Incompletion. When we talk about success, almost all people usually think of perfection. You have to be perfect so that you will get other people ' s attention. What if you are not perfect, will you be a successful person? Wabi-Sabi says that everything is imperfect; everything has its scar, and it is not bad. This scar can make the owner meaningful and beautiful as you have your own story to tell that what you have been through; nonetheless, everything is also impermanent. No matter how perfect or imperfect you are, everything will change: nothing can last for good. Because everything can change, it is meaningful in every step. It shows that it is not essential to beg for permanence. Since nature is imperfect and impermanent, it is clear that nature is incomplete too. We do not have anything. We are just like the unfinished invention: you may be lucky in game, but not lucky in love and vice versa. We hardly have everything at the same time. Something comes to you when appropriate. We have to remember that everyone is in Wabi-Sabi: we have our beauty that is different from the other for sure, so we have to appreciate what we are so that we will be able to make true happiness possible.
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