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Why I afraid of touching animals  Empty Why I afraid of touching animals

on Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:32 pm
When I saw cute animals, I want to rub their head or hold them but I can't touch any animals. I think there are 3 reasons that make me afraid of touching animals. First, when I was young, I was teased by throwing fake mice and it made me was very scared and cried a lot. Next, everyone in my house knew that I was afraid of touching animals, but they forced me to catch animals such as fish, dogs, rabbits, and I had to catch them even I was scared it. The last reason, I was forced to catch chicks. I'm so scared but I have to catch it. I tried and quickly caught it but when I pulled out, it died. Since then I didn't dare to touch any animals. These are 3 reasons that make I didn't dare to touch animals, no matter how cute they are.
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