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The cost of growing up Empty The cost of growing up

on Fri Jan 31, 2020 12:29 pm
I can recognize that when I was a child, I used to ask everyone about everything I did not know, though those things were simple. Additionally, my anger could be reduced by just giving me a snack. Above all, I could be happy with everything easier than nowadays. These things will be faded gradually with unconsciousness. We are growing up every day while we are paying for it too; Growing up has its cost, and its cost is so high. We live with too much reason, seriousness, and selfishness. We rarely question about something, since we study everything in the school and have no reason to question; moreover, we have less time to live so slowly that we miss the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of things which surround us. In other words, we hardly ever stay home with your love such as family, pets, or books. Eventually, we lose happiness, easy happiness one, when we are happy, this happiness often comes together with conditions. We must have money, friends, couples, food, etc. so that we are allowed to be happy. Everyone pays for the growing up unequally, some pay much meanwhile some do not have to pay any penny because they recognize that as long as they have to spend with themselves, they still can appreciate and get benefit from growing up.
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