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Potluck Party Empty Potluck Party

on Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:30 pm
This past Friday, I had a chance to go to Potluck Party. I never go to Potluck Party before so I was very excited about it. Professor Pong told us that the party will start at 18.30. On Friday afternoon, I prepared to cook Yummooyu and I chose the beautiful clothes to go to the party.But unluckily when 16.30 Jennika told us that we have to go to prepare the party at 17.00 that means I have only 30minutes to dress,cook and go to the university. I rushed to take a shower and my mother cooked Yummooyu for me. I left home with a bare face and I dressed frumpy. Going to party without makeup is the one thing that I hate so I was angry with Professor Pong.But when I came to the party my korean friends are very nice and very kind to me. They gave me a letter and Korean traditional bracelet called Jangmyeonglu which means wish you long life and happy. And another thing that make me felt better is the foods at the party especially Pizza by Professor Pong. Because Professor Pong has such a giving heart so I forgave him that he reschedule the appointment. Actually I got many good memories in this Potluck Party and I hope to join such a wonderful party like this again.
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