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Person who I admire Empty Person who I admire

on Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:21 pm
I really admire Singh Wannasingh Prasertkul because he has many challenges in his life. First, he graduated from Faculty of Economics Thammasart University. His mother and his father are very famous people in society. When he grew older, he tried to do what he wants to do without take other people’s words to pressure himself. Next, he grew up being a TV host as well as creating documentaries as he grew older, he got more interested in human along with their perception. He worked on a show called “Savage Voyage”. He had been working on travel documentaries for 11 years, but most people can recognize him from “Savage Voyage”. The concept of the show was to travel alone to where people don’t normally go. It might look like he just only visited dangerous places, but the idea was to get to know human in uncommon places through their perspectives. It let him to travel in war zone like Syria, Afghanistan or to meet drug dealer and many more. He travelled to a foreign country and filming a program in the same time. I have learned about history and conflict in and out many countries and also the well-being of people in different country. Causing me to open my eyes and see more the world. Lastly, I think it is difficult to travel alone while filming so that’s why I really admire and fascinated him.
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