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a person who I admire Empty a person who I admire

on Wed Mar 18, 2020 7:33 pm
I really admire Dj.Poom because of his outstanding features. There are his talents, attitude, lifestyles, and time management. First, he has lots of talents. He is a disc joking, master of ceremony, actor, youtuber, and businessman. Next, I admire his lifestyles because he has a several lifestyles and things to do such as exercise, work, travel, hang out, and make a merit. Next, I really like his attitude because of his quote that he had said “we are not successful because of the biggest thing but we are successful because of little thing we did every day.” The last one is his time management. He does lots of things in every day, but he can manage it all perfectly. All reasons, his talents, attitude, lifestyles, and time management, tell why I admire Dj.Poom.
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