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The old air conditioner Empty The old air conditioner

on Sun Mar 15, 2020 12:28 am
Now we enter the summer season and the weather is quite a high temperature. I am a person who avoids sunlight by staying in my dormitory instead of going outside. I am staying at my dorm in the afternoon then I feel like the fan doesn’t make me feel cool, so I turn on the air conditioner. Meanwhile, the time continues moving, the air in my room doesn’t cool down. Then I notice that the air conditioner is not working which makes me feel edgy. After checking the motor and it shows the sign of working, I walk to the dormitory office and ask the owner for the air conditioner technician and I got bad news the technician doesn’t come at the weekend. In short, I have to wait until Monday at least to repair the old air conditioner in my room to get back to work again.
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