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Almost died because of the sunlight  Empty Almost died because of the sunlight

on Sat Mar 14, 2020 9:06 pm
I was almost dead today because the strong sunlight burnt me. Today I went to the camp which Early Childhood major was a manager of the camp. We went to the camp in the early morning and had breakfast there. The air was very hot today, but we still had to finish our works which were painting the Volleyball court and Takraw court ,and clearing the glass out of the school garden at the midday. The sunlight was so strong at the midday when we kept doing our works. I was thirsty and had drunk a lot of water through the day. My skin got burnt and I felt like I almost died in the desert. I decided to stop the work and got rest for a while with friends. Today was so tired, but fun at the sam rime because I spent my time doing social service with my friends and new people that I had never knew before.
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