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The Pretty Clothes are waiting for you Empty The Pretty Clothes are waiting for you

on Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:24 am
Finding some pretty clothes was really hard to me, so I want to make them by myself. When I studied in high school, it rarely happened to find a suitable and not expensive clothe for me. My favorite clothe style is minimal but not too normal and not too vivid one. I usually found some of my favorite style clothe stores on Instagram. However, they were so expensive more than it should be. I think to design and to make a new clothe are not difficult. Likewise, it is does not expensive than buying. So, I want to have my own business about clothe not only for myself but also for the persons who want pretty and not expensive clothes. First of all, sewing machine is very important for making the clothes. The clothes will be designed by me. Tailoring will be made by me and tailors. I will make all of the clothes of my brand very nice, pretty and not too expensive. How good they are! I will set up a store and a website for selling. Additionally, I will sell via the social medias as Facebook, Instagram, Line and Twitter. Thus, they can help my business run fast. I expect that my business will be expanded in two years. Look forward for shopping with me, and I am looking forward to seeing you too! I love you
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