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My ideal business Empty My ideal business

on Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:31 pm
When I was a little boy, my life was rather different from the others. Instead of going outside to play with friends, I sat in the house with the interesting books. Books were not only my belongings but also my firends.Moreover, books brought me to the unknow world. Basically, it opened my attitude a lot. I love reading so much that I dream that one day I would have my own books. Apart form having my own books, my dream is furthur; I want to have my own publisher. Writing a lot of books may seem enough, but if I am a the owner of my own pulisher, this sound greater than just writing. I would write a lot of books, and my books must give readers something beneficial. In other words, when they read my books, they may get something helpful for their life at least. When my pulisher is expanded, I will publish others' books especially the amateurs in order that they can have opportunity to show their potential, and encourage them to be an effective writer. Although my life is not going on the writer's way, I still love reading, and go on writing no matter how far I am from my dream.
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