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My​ cooking skill Empty My​ cooking skill

on Mon Feb 24, 2020 3:28 pm
Sometime I​ cook when​ I​ got​ bored. Weirdly, 7-8 years ago my​ cooking​ skill is​ much better​ than the​ present.​ In​ the​ past, I​ can​ make​ many dishes​ but​ now​ I​ can​ only​ make​ stir fried basil​ dishes​ and​ egg related dish.
In​ my​ opinion, it's because​ I​ didn't​ cook for​ a​ long time.
Different​ on​ each individual, cooking​ may​ either be​ extremely​ hard​ or​ really​ easy.​ If​ you​ already have​ good​ cooking​ skill, try​ to​ cook​ time​ to​ time, or​ else your​ cooking​ skill​ may​ dwindle.
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