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Maha Sarakham Empty Maha Sarakham

on Fri Feb 21, 2020 1:56 am

My hometown is in MahaSarakham province where there are a lot of interesting things and some negative things that I would like to share to you. The first interesting thing is beautiful river. There is a Chee river which is
very long and wide. Next things, there are a lot of trees. It means
my hometown will has much oxygen in the air from tree’s photosynthesis methods. According to the tree’s photosynthesis method and having much oxygen, Thus, another interesting thing is fresh air. You can wake up early
in the morning to gain the fresh air. You will feel so fresh. Then, you can start your day happily. Having good things, it also has some bad things that
you might see here such as having not much supermarkets, there are not many jobs for people to do, or the transport is not convenient as it could be. These are what in my hometown where I love to live until I die because no matter how good or bad it is, finally it is my home. As the words
“No place like home” it means, even though how good another place is, or how civilize places you go, you will not feel like being at home.
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