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Disadvantages of  internet Empty Disadvantages of internet

on Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:28 pm
Recently, the internet has made our life worse because it can cause many problems, I pick you 3 main problems to tell you. There are health issues, social Isolation, and exposure to negative content on the internet First, internet can cause a lot of health issues, people who spend too much time sitting in front of computer can easily get ill such as eyes problem, back pain, skin problems, heart problems. Next, social isolation, people give less time to the people who around and give more time on the internet. Even though they may have many friends on Facebook, they still feel lonely and depressed due to lack of physical contact. Finally, exposure to negative content on the internet is a very powerful weapon for research, someone who doesn’t know how to use it may exploit themselves on the internet intentionally or unintentionally by exposing themselves to negative content on the web. Searching on internet can cause a lot of problems into your life, you should be careful to use it.
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