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pithy 3 idiots Empty pithy 3 idiots

on Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:14 pm
3 idiots, my first Indian Movie I have ever watched, is the most  tartly sarcastic movie ever. It is not only a funny movie, but also a sarcastic issue particularly reflects the critical problems of Indian education system by narrating through the story line of distinguished 3 engineering students in the best engineering college of India. The story expresses the relationship between Indian culture related to Indian education, the tight friendship of 3 distinct men who attend to college with different reasons and why people take themselves seriously into competition of education without focusing on the real values of education that education should be the tool helping the learners to have better life quality, not the tool destroying the learners by depression of competition. The film lets the viewers’ mind opened for changing to the new learning attitudes, and leaves a lot of hidden message that Indian and other societies are supposed to discuss critically. The movie' taste and also the directly mentioned problems in a movie are why 3 idiots film is a perfectly pithy  movie.
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