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A Bad Hair Day Empty A Bad Hair Day

on Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:34 pm
Today is my bad hair day. I had to wake up at 4AM to joined DMSU running activity, my duty is just cheer the runner who walked past me. My father drove me to MSU because there weren’t any street light along street sides. When I arrived at Khamriang Campus,My phone was low battery because I forgot to charge it and I realized that I forgot to bring any money. I was very lonely and sleepy in the same time, I tried to make myself alert but that’s not work. When the running ended I tried to phoned my parents and my sister about 10times but no one answer my call. So I decided to ask Aum to give me a lift to Mueng Campus but Um was very kind,he gave me a ride to my house . After I came back home I heard about my cousin’s bad news and it made me very very headache. In the evening, I did a homework in computer but unluckily the moment I went to cook instant noodle and went back to do homework, my notebook was not work. I tried to be calm and went to hang dry the clothes instead of doing homework and I found that someone unplug the washing machine. I really want to cry now, today is really not my day.
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