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My mother’s seafood sauce Empty My mother’s seafood sauce

on Sun Feb 16, 2020 9:07 pm

I have a chance to learn how to make seafood sauce from my mother because she bought a lot of seafood after traveled with her colleagues and Thai style eating is always eating with many sauces such as seafood sauces. The ingredients of the seafood sauce made by my mother included chilies, garlic, fish sauce, salt, granulated sugar, and lime juice. First, my mother pounds chilies and garlic together in the mortar till they turned into small pieces. Second, she added lime juice, fish sauce, salt, and granulated sugar into the mortar and mixed it together. Next, she tasted it and seasoned it the way she likes. In the last step, she pours the finished seafood sauce into the bowl. Seafood sauce doesn’t have exactly way to do it, but it adjusts by your own flavor.

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