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Miserable Monday Empty Miserable Monday

on Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:03 pm
Last Monday, I had the makeup class at 11 a.m. at Kham Riang campus. I woke up late so I rode my motorcycle to Kham Riang campus hastily. Unluckily I got stopped and fined by a policeman because I lost my tax sticker. I decided to pay a fine at police station because if I pay a fine at the checkpoint, I will be late for the class. When I came in the class, the teacher didn’t come yet that make me more angry. The teacher came to class around 11:30.a.m., He began to teach and complain us in the whole class. When we finished the class, I went to have lunch with my friend at Naijeab, a Chinese noodle soup restaurant. I ordered instant noodle soup. I thought it’s very cheap because It’s only 25 baht. But when they served me a bowl of instant noodle soup I saw a small amount of instant noodle that I can eat them all in only one bite. After that, I went to the police station to pay a fine and I went back to my house. I thought my bad day will end when I went back home but suddenly I realized that I must submit the vocabulary notebook in the next day. I did my homework all night and finally, I finished my homework at 02.00a.m.
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