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The problem of learning English for non-native learner Empty The problem of learning English for non-native learner

on Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:15 pm
The major problems that prevent non-native learners from being successful in learning English can be divided into three points. Supposing that you study the non-native language with no vocabulary in your mind for the first time. Your head may be blank: What teacher teaches you will be all Greek to you; besides, if you have not had enough vocabulary: You may not understand well. Another point is the difference in grammar structure between your native language and the English language; for example, when you want to modify nouns in English, you have to put adjectives before nouns; on the other hand, in the Thai language you have to put and adjectives after nouns. This confuses the non-native learner, for most people get used to thinking in Thai before English. The last point you must be concerned about is trying to use it as much as possible in daily life, or you will lose it. Many people have the same trouble: They use English less than an hour a week; therefore, their skill does not improve properly. They can read but not to speak or understand comprehensively. These problems may block you from the finished line; nevertheless, it depends on your decision to make ti happen or to overcome these problems to break the wall of language to see the big outside world. You do not have to know everything, but you had better know more than yesterday.
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